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6 February 2020

Good forms should be a priority for all agencies committed to service delivery—better forms can drive a virtuous cycle of more efficient services, more trust and better outcomes.

5 February 2020

With the New Year (and new decade) well and truly underway, we thought it timely to reflect on the year that was.

13 December 2019

Wonk alert: This post relates to how we evaluate our behavioural–science inspired policy interventions and so is somewhat more technical than others. But there aren’t any equations!

8 October 2019

Criminal Justice was the focus of the 2019 Nudgeathon, the annual behavioural change competition in which teams from universities across Australia and New Zealand.

2 September 2019

Forms are everywhere. They reach every facet of our lives. But does it really matter? Is form design an issue that governments should care about?

17 April 2019

You've booked the perfect hotel for a dream price, but come checkout, you leave to a nasty surprise. Behavioural economists call it shrouding attributes ...

28 February 2019

Been thinking about your retirement savings lately? You’re not alone.

Construction of the Sydney Opera House
7 January 2019

Every year the start of January gives us pause to reflect on what we might like to achieve. They’re normally pretty similar resolutions - things like to drink less alcohol, exercise more, eat healthier etc. New Year’s resolutions are common, but are they rational?

11 December 2018

When you’re shopping for something special or unique, how do you know what a fair price is?

20 November 2018

Australians love an auction. Every Saturday, thousands of us trawl the neighbourhood, register for a paddle, and vie for a slice of the great Australian dream.

Group shot of the Nudgeathon participants
12 September 2018

Teams competed to find the best behavioural insights ‘nudges’ to help Australians engage as participants in the data economy.

BETA: Improving tax compliance
8 August 2018

In our tenth report, Improving tax compliance: deductions for work-related expenses, we showcase another example of the returns to government from small changes informed by behavioural insights.

A better practice guide for NBN providers
10 July 2018

Our behavioural economics team (BETA) has partnered with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to develop a guide to help NBN providers present information to consumers more clearly.


29 June 2018

On 25 and 26 June 2018, BETA hosted the International Behavioural Exchange Conference (BX2018) in Sydney.

25 June 2018

BETA is pleased to announce the formation of an Academic Advisory Panel to strengthen its links with academia and support its capacity to translate behavioural research into policy.

Behavioural Exchange #BX2018
20 June 2018

Dr Martin Parkinson AC, Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, will give the opening address at BX2018, the Behavioural Exchange 2018 conference in Sydney next week.

Behavioural Exchange, International Behavioural Exchange Conference. Sydney June 25–26 2018 #BX2018
24 May 2018

Learn how to drive change in policymaking at the BX Conference in June.

BETA reports: helping consumers make smarter energy choices
28 March 2018

Are you influenced by energy efficiency star‑rating labels? Do you use energy fact sheets to compare plans and pick the best one for you? How behavioural insights can help consumers make smarter energy choices

A group of people standing around in a square formation within an office building. A speaker is in the middle of the square.
9 November 2017

This September, university students from around Australia and APS graduates from the Department of Social Services gathered together in Brisbane over three days to brainstorm nudge solutions to increase volunteering at Australia’s first Nudgeathon. 

Four icons referencing the job application process. The first icon, labeled Job Listing, has a micro glass looking at a piece of paper. The second icon has a cut of of a man with the text Reviewing of job applications. The third icon us a group of speech bubbles with the label Interviewing. The final icon has a cut out of a man with the text Merit listing.
12 July 2017

How can we improve the diversity and gender balance of our workplaces?

Behavioural Economics Team of the Australian Government
11 May 2017

We are excited to announce that BETA has secured funding over the next three years to extend our mission. The commitment, delivered under the Public Service Modernisation Fund, will enable us to continue improving public policy and service delivery. 

BETA team
11 November 2016

Taking a closer look at the work of UK Behavioural Insights Team, Dr Michael Sanders spoke to staff about recent trials in education and the use of machine learning to optimise trials.

Prof Michael J Hiscox
1 February 2016

Professor Michael J. Hiscox will head up the Australian Government’s first central Behavioural Economics Team (BETA).