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Head and shoulders image of Elizabeth Hardy. She is smiling. The text reads: BETA podcast, Elizabeth Hardy.

How can we improve public services? Canadian expert Elizabeth Hardy urges policymakers to try services for themselves.

How do online platforms and data shape our decisions? US Academic Michael Luca thinks far more work needs to be done to understand the answer.

Image of Elisabeth Costa. She is smiling. Text reads - BETA Podcast: Elisabeth Costa

In this podcast we speak with Elisabeth Costa from the UK Behavioural Insights Team about using behavioural science to improve regulation in the UK.

Filippo Cavassini is a key advisor in behavioural economics at the OECD. Listen to his story in BETA’s latest podcast.

Image of Mariam Chammat. She is smiling. The text reads: BETA podcast, Mariam Chammat.

In this podcast we talk to Dr Mariam Chammat, neuroscientist and Executive Advisor at the French Behavioural Insights Unit within the Interministerial Directorate for Public Transformation. Listen to Mariam’s take on how we can use our understanding of the brain’s shortcomings to make the world a better place.

Image of Daniel Effron. He is smiling. The text reads: BETA podcast, Daniel Effron.

Why do good people do bad things? Listen to BETA’s latest podcast to find out.

Image of Julia Dhar. She is smiling. The text reads: BETA podcast, Julia Dhar

How do you create a behavioural insights unit like BETA? Julia Dhar explains in BETA’s latest podcast.

Image of Dilip Soman. He is wearing glasses. The text reads: BETA podcast, Dilip Soman.

Can behavioural science really help people to save for retirement? Professor Dilip Soman explains in BETA’s latest podcast.

Image of Kate Glazebrook. She is smiling. The text reads: BETA podcast, Kate Glazebrook.

Can a web platform cut bias in recruitment? Kate Glazebrook talks us through the tech in BETA’s latest podcast.

Image of Professor Anuj. K Shah. He is wearing glasses and smiling. The text reads: BETA podcast, Anuj Shah.

BETA continues its BX2018 podcast series, where we recorded frank and fascinating discussions with speakers at the 2018 Behavioural Exchange Conference.

This episode sees University of Chicago Professor Anuj K. Shah talk about his work looking at the human behaviours underpinning parts of the US justice system.

From nudges to slow down decision-making in youth crime, to reminding people to show up to their court dates – Professor Shah covers some important ground.

John A. List

Earlier in the year, BETA caught up with Professor John A. List at the 2018 Behavioural Exchange Conference (BX2018) where he presented a keynote speech.

The BETA podcast logo appears next to green Behavioural Exchange conference branding. In the background is a greyscale picture of the Sydney Opera House and a stormy sky.

Still unsure whether to attend BX2018? BETA has put together a podcast to answer all your BX2018 questions. Take a listen.

Dr Gigi Foster

Can you mathematically model the dynamics of love? Find out in BETA’s latest podcast.

Dr David Halpern

BETA’s next podcast interview features Dr David Halpern, Chief Executive and Board Director of the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT). 

Professor Uri Gneezy

How can behavioural economics be applied to public policy? How do incentives affect behaviour? BETA continues its podcast series with an interview with Professor Uri Gneezy about his work in incentives and his vision for behavioural economics. 

Professor Robert Slonim

In this first in a series of podcasts, BETA interviews Research Director, Professor Robert ‘Bob’ Slonim who joined PM&C from The University of Sydney earlier this year.