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Learn how to drive change in policymaking

24 May 2018
Behavioural Exchange, International Behavioural Exchange Conference. Sydney June 25–26 2018 #BX2018

Chances are you’ve heard of behavioural economics or behavioural insights, but what is it? And how can it be applied?

In June, PM&C’s Behavioural Economics Team (BETA) is hosting BX2018, the leading international behavioural exchange conference.

BX2018 will bring together leading academics, policy makers and practitioners from around the world in Sydney, to share how behavioural insights can be applied to policy design.

Now in its fifth year, BX2018 will discuss the big issues: health and wellbeing, ethics, big data, markets, finance, energy and marketing, as well as communication and design thinking.

Speakers include:

  • Cass R. Sunstein (Co-author of Nudge; Professor, Harvard University)
  • Dr Robert Slonim (Director, BETA)
  • Kate Glazebrook (CEO/Co-founder of Applied)
  • John A. List (Chairman of Department of Economics; and Professor, Economics, University of Chicago)
  • Elizabeth Hardy (Senior Leader, Behavioural Insights, Government of Canada)
  • Dr Nina Terrey (Partner at ThinkPlace)
  • Kate Phillips (Principal with Victoria’s Behavioural Insights Unit)
  • Nick Biddle (Deputy Director, ANU Centre for Social Research and Methods)
  • Michael J. Hiscox (Professor, International Affairs, Department of Government, Harvard University)
  • Elise Payzan-LeNestour (Associate Professor, Finance, University of New South Wales)
  • Dr Gigi Foster (Associate Professor with the School of Economics, University of New South Wales)
  • Daniel Effron (Associate Professor, Organisational Behaviour, London Business School)
  • Sarah Minson (General Manager Customer Support and Development, Stats NZ)

For more information and to buy tickets, visit bx-2018.org/

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