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Helping consumers make smarter energy choices

28 March 2018
BETA reports: helping consumers make smarter energy choices

Are you influenced by energy efficiency star‑rating labels when shopping for household appliances? Do you use energy fact sheets to compare plans and pick the best one for you?

BETA has published two new reports showing how behavioural insights can help consumers make smarter energy choices.

Energy labels that make cents: testing energy rating labels on appliances sold online presents the results of a trial testing whether energy labels directed consumers towards more energy efficient appliances. BETA displayed the existing Australian Energy Rating Label and a new behaviourally‑informed energy label next to appliances sold online. Both labels had positive effects on consumer behaviour, helping consumers to make more energy efficient choices.

Saying more with less: simplifying energy fact sheets presents the results of a survey testing whether energy fact sheets can improve people’s ability to understand and compare energy plans —and ultimately switch to the best one for them. BETA designed five behaviourally-informed energy fact sheets and tested if any of these fact sheets, or the existing Australian Energy Regulator (AER) fact sheet, were more effective. All five BETA fact sheets were clearly preferred to the existing AER fact sheet. This study shows behaviourally-informed energy fact sheets can improve consumers’ engagement with energy plans and increase consumers’ confidence in choosing the right energy plan or retailer.