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BETA design for better policy: BETA extension secured in the 2017-18 Budget

11 May 2017
Behavioural Economics Team of the Australian Government

We are excited to announce that BETA has secured funding over the next three years to extend our mission. The commitment, delivered under the Public Service Modernisation Fund, will enable us to continue improving public policy and service delivery.

Professor Michael Hiscox, Director of BETA, says ‘it’s great that the work of BETA is being recognised. We’ve been established less than 18 months and already we’ve demonstrated to Government the value of behavioural economics in improving the development of evidence-based policy.’

‘The funding gives us the confidence to plan our forward work program to partner across government on a range of exciting policies and programs.’

BETA will look to expand our initial progress to build APS capability, provide the evidence base for what works and leverage expertise through increased engagement with the academic field.

Under the BETA restructure, we will be universally accessible as a central capability and advisory service, alongside delivering on our commitment to work on a suite of collaborative projects.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partner agencies for their support and for the privilege of collaborating with them on policy challenges.

‘We can’t wait to continue working with APS partner agencies to translate insights from behavioural economics into policy design, using gold standard evaluation techniques to test what works,’ Professor Hiscox said. 

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