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Increasing workplace giving

Partner agencies: 
Department of Social Services
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Registration date: 
Wednesday, 21 March 2018

BETA is working with the Department of Social Services to evaluate the effectiveness of various behaviourally informed approaches on increasing workplace giving.

Additional trial information

Registration date: 

Trial 1: Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Trial 2: Tuesday, 29 January 2019 

Intervention start and end date: 

Trial 1:

Start: Wednesday, 21 March 2018

End: Wednesday 18 April 2018

Trial 2:

Start: Wednesday, 21 November 2018

End: Wednesday 21 December 2018

BETA ethics pre-registration number:  

Trial 1: BETA ETH

Trial 2: BETA ETH 2018 - 03, 6/09/18

Experimental design:

Trial 1: An unbalanced three-arm RCT randomised at the individual level and a pre-post observational trial. Data will be collected at two follow-up periods: two and four weeks after intervention delivery. 

Trial 2: A 2x2 factorial randomised trial, randomised at the individual level. Data collected at two follow-up periods: two and four weeks after intervention delivery.


Trial 1: Two different behaviourally informed interventions will be distributed to employees.

Trial 2: Two interventions (presented individually and in combination) were tested.

Control condition: 

Trial 1: Pure control, attention control

Trial 2: No pure control (a before/after comparison will be used to estimate the effect of receiving no email)


Trial 1:

Primary outcomes:

  • Workplace giving (WG) participation (joining or not joining).
  • Change in average fortnightly WG donation.

Secondary outcomes:

  • Total amount of money directed to WG each fortnight.
  • Change in comprehension of WG.
  • Charities receiving donations.
  • Number of email read receipts.
  • Number of click-throughs from email to WG sign-up page.

Trial 2:

Primary outcome:

  • Workplace giving (WG) participation (providing any donation).

Secondary outcome:

  • Change in average fortnightly WG donation.

Expected sample size: 

Trial 1: 1,315 employees in the RCT. 687 employees in the pre-post trial.

Trial 2: 2,250 employees in the RCT.

Registration number: 

Trial 1: BETA ETH 2018 – 01

Trial 2: BETA ETH 2018 – 03


AEA pre-registration

Trial 1: Shea Houlihan. 2018. Increasing workplace giving. AEA RCT Registry. March 20.

Trial 2: BETA, 2019. Increasing workplace giving (second study). AEA RCT Registry. 29 January 2019.