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Applying behavioural insights to online wagering

Partner agencies: 
Department of Social Services
Registration date: 
Thursday, 16 July 2020

BETA is working with the Department of Social Services to determine the effect of behavioural interventions on gambling behaviour in a simulated setting. We will test the interventions through a framed-field online experiment with randomisation at the individual level.

Additional trial information

Trial start and end date: 3 July 2020 to 31 July 2020

Ethics approval: Bellberry Human Research Ethics Committee, 2020-01-021, 17 February 2020

Keywords: Online wagering, behavioural economics, gambling, consumer protection

Experimental design including randomisation:

A three-arm randomised trial, to be evaluated using gambling data collected through the online experiment and a post-experiment survey. There will be two treatment arms and a control arm.

Randomisation will be at the individual level with a one-third probability of assignment to each experimental arm.

We will recruit 1,500 online wagering participants into the trial.

Participants will gamble for a total of 64 gambles on the simulated online platform. They can choose to not place a bet or bet any amount from 1 lab dollar to 15 lab dollars for each gamble.


Primary outcome:

  • amount bet (lab $) over 56 gambles (range 0 lab dollars to 840 lab dollars)

Secondary outcome:

  • the number of bets made over 56 gambles (the range for this outcome is 0 to 56)

Expected sample size: Each participant will have a one-third chance of being allocated to each experimental arm. Therefore, we expect approximately 500 observations each in the control, treatment group 1 and group 2.

Other: AEA pre-registration