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The Work Before the Form


'A problem well stated is a problem half solved' - Charles Kettering

We go behind the scenes to show what's really going on with your forms, and the people who use them. Sharing insights from the work being done in the Voice of the Customer, Chief Citizen Experience Office, you'll see the importance of engaging with customers during early stages of design. This helps researchers and designers better understand their user, and supports the development of human-centered design.


Rachel Evans

Rachel Evans

Rachel Evans

Rachel is currently the Director of the Insights and Governance Team, Voice of Customer Branch in the Department of Human Services.  She studied behavioural science and has been a leader in Behavioural Economics in the department since 2012.   She also has a strong background in government service delivery, with a passion for human-centred design.  Rachel has collaborated on a number of major research activities, such as a two year partnership with CSIRO, under the Human Service Delivery Research Alliance (HSDRA).