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Developing behavioural interventions for randomised controlled trials

This guide outlines our approach to developing behavioural interventions for randomised controlled trials (RCTs). It pulls together behavioural and RCT expertise from around the world, in an easy to use guide for those looking to develop behavioural interventions for RCTs in government.

About behavioural economics

Behavioural economics is a field of economic analysis that applies psychological insights to human behaviour to explain and predict how people make decisions.

Behavioural insights for public policy

Behavioural Insights is already shaping public policy across the country and improving the lives of Australians. Here is a collection of stories about the work of BI units across the federal and state government—which was showcased at the June 2018 Behavioural Exchange conference in Sydney.

Academic directory

We are committed to fostering links between the Australian Public Service and the behavioural economics research community, here and overseas. With the growing interest and demand for behavioural science, there are many opportunities to better connect the public service with academia. We are undertaking a range of activities to contribute to fostering better connection, creation and translation of behavioural economics research to policy. This Directory forms one part of our engagement strategy. Its aim is to make this task simpler for anyone who is interested to find out more about Australian academics working in the field of behavioural economics (and behavioural science more broadly).

If you would like to be added to the Directory, or if your details within the Directory require updating, please contact us.